Daily 10% Rebate in Casino Black

Infinite Cashback (Casino Black)

While playing our Casino Black games, your game play is always insured by 10% being paid out once a week in wagering-free real money.

Time spent in a casino has to be exciting and fun in the first place, not devastating or unfair. For all out there who likes having an ace in their pocket, we have prepared this very rare offer. Not many casinos are offering a cashback these days, but we thought that it would be great to bring back the old splendid days.

To take advantage of this great offer, simply:

  1. Login.
  2. Choose that you don't wan't to receive any bonuses when topping your account.
  3. Head to Casino Black tab of the main menu and play.
  4. In case you lose, we'll refund you with 10% by the end of a current week.
  5. Use these funds to play again or withdraw them, no strings attached!

How to join our Cash Back program
Cashback Terms and Conditions